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Ready4Radio Studio Production

Add emotional impact and make your message stick.
  • Soundtrack to video, slideshows and Power Points
  • Radio/TV Ads
  • Ring Tone for Your Phones
  • Use "On Hold” to reach your audience
  • Free Download or stream from your website
  • Professional CDs and Downloads

R4R Studio Production Package includes

Studio Master

Instrumental version to use under voice-overs

Backing Tracks– karaoke-style for live performances, parades and events

30 second version for Ring Tones, Voice mail and Radio ads

All recordings are fully mastered, broadcast quality, and ready for manufacturing.

You own all rights to all recordings 100%.

Choice of Instrumentation

Lead vocal and full background vocal arrangement

Acoustic and/or electric guitars

Bass and Drums

Keyboards, grand piano, etc.

Production Masters provided on CD and mp3, as well as digital files.

CD ready for manufacture and release as a single for promo and fundraising.

Capture people's attention ... and their hearts

The Mayor of the Vanderhoof, BC uses their theme,
"The Heart of It All," as his ring tone, and it's
available to everyone in town.

Kids from 4H-BC performed "Learn to Do By Doing"
at the PNE!

The Central Okanagan Hospice released "Loving
Beyond Goodbye" on CD for fundraising and
community awareness.

The Lakes Animal Friendship Society's "Teach
My Person How to Love Me" is being used
on four continents to educate kids and adults
about issues like adoption, spaying/neutering
and pet-care in general.

The New Vista Care Society used their theme song as
the soundtrack to their Legacy Planning campaign.

InSightful Visions uses "Love How You Look" as the
soundtrack for their video and radio ads.

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"Learn to Do By Doing"

4-H Ambassadors writing "Learn to Do By Doing"

It became very apparent that the song should be adopted as the official song of B.C. 4-H and utilized in all facets of the program from campfire sing-alongs to boardroom fundraising! Simply amazing!"

Kevin Rothwell, Manager
BC - 4H Club 

Prince George Hospice Society

"When You're With Us"

Destination Osoyoos

"Canada's Warmest Welcome"

After the ThemeShop with Destination Osoyoos

Lakes Animal Friendship Society

"Teach My Person How to Love Me"

Lakes Animal Friendship Society writing
"Teach My Person How to Love Me"

Having our own song "Teach My Person How to Love Me" has been a fantastic way to share our messages about animal care and compassion...a song that resonates with people across cultures. Our song is being used for humane education and other animal welfare activities around the world - on at least four continents!

Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff,
Lakes Animal Friendship Society

The ‘Heart of it All’ will be used to promote Vanderhoof for many years to come.”

– Gerry Thiessen, Mayor
District of Vanderhoof


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