Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Building?

Team building is simply any activity that makes your team stronger, more connected, and more inspired. In short, it’s about creativity, collaboration and connection.

How can a facilitated songwriting experience transform my team's creativity?

Team performance improves dramatically when we are able to act creatively and generate innovative responses to problems. Creating a culture of innovation is said to be the number one performance advantage for all organizations today.

Do I have to sing in front of everyone?

Absolutely not. The team develops the ideas together and Lowry is happy to carry the musical ball if peope are feeling shy. Having said that, Lowry is skilled at creating a safe environment where even the shyest people can join in and feel part of the process.

Do we need musical experience?

Not at all. We will certainly being creating a catchy tune to capture the spirit of your organization, but most of the time is spent on the lyrics – finding exactly the right words and phrases to describe what you do every day in your work – what you stand for and what you are all about.

Who can attend our ThemeShop session?

Of course, you’ll want to include as many people from your immediate “team” as you can – colleagues, managers, staff at all levels. You may also want to invite some of your best customers or supporters - people who value what you do - who “get it” about what you are trying to achieve with your work.

Others who might be welcome include board members, volunteers, sponsors and if appropriate family members.

For example, if you watch the ThemeShop video, you’ll see the Burnaby Home Library Service invited not only their staff and volunteers, but also the recipients of their service, and, even their family members. It gave everyone an opportunity to get the big picture and understand for the first time just how wonderful and far-reaching the impact of their work is.

How many people can attend a ThemeShop session?

Most ThemeShops have between 5 – 20 participants, but it is possible to have as few as two creating the song with Lowry, or up to a maximum of about 25. Call Lowry directly to discuss your specific needs.

Can our ThemeShop be part of a retreat?

Absolutely. Retreats are one of the most powerful (and fun!) times to hold your ThemeShop. If you position your ThemeShop session at the beginning of the retreat it makes a great ice-breaker, giving people an opportunity to get to know each other more deeply and on a completely different level. When it’s held later in your retreat schedule, it can provide an opportunity to sum-up the team-building work you have done up to that point, and provide a point of celebration as people join together to sing a song that perfectly captures the detail and spirit of their orgnization.

How can we use the song we create?

The organization retains the rights to use their song however they wish, forever.

Some become jingles for radio or other advertising – (see below, about the studio version options). They can be used on your website, as soundtrack for video (on website as well). Some organizations use them as their call-waiting music. The Sechelt Rotary Club plays theirs at many of their public functions and fund-raisers. The Central Okanagan Hospice actually released theirs as a single, and give out copies to give people a better understanding of their role in the community. InSightful Visions Eyewear plays theirs as music in the store every so often, to the delight of their customers.

Living Big plays theirs as part of their weekend retreats to let people know what they’re all about.

The possibilities are endless, and the decision is yours.

Can I get a professional, studio quality version of our song?

Definitely. Lowry has released nine studio CDs and has a team of first-rate musicians available to take your song to the next level - ready for airplay, and in professional radio formats. For an additional fee, he will produce and record your song, and sometimes even incorporate members of your team in the process. First you write the song, and next thing you know, you’re on the radio!  

Lowry Olafson uses and recommends Elixir Guitar Strings by Gore 


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