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People are 5 times more inclined to have a negative thought than a positive one.

We're hard-wired to rain on our own parades. Diminish our dreams. Settle for less. Quit. Before we even start.

We need a way to cut through the chatter. Get clear on what we really want. What really matters.

Affirm that. Affirmations are nothing new, but PowerSongs have one distinct advantage. They're a SONG.

When John Lennon wanted to change the world he got us to sing it. Not say it.
All you need is love.

It didn't matter if we sang in tune. It didn't have to be beautiful. It had to be unforgettable.

PowerSongs are Affirmations on Steroids
No Musical Talent Needed

I help people with no musical experience create PowerSongs that change things.

Runs those doubts out of town.

You don't have to be a "singer." It's not a performance.

Sing it in the car. In the shower. Whisper it.

Instantly, it lifts you up, puts a sliver of light between you and the critical voices.

Gives you more confidence and optimism to INSPIRE you take the ACTIONS that create and attract the life you dream of.

What People are saying:

"This is so beautiful. I'll treasure this forever."
Heather Parady, Host, Unconventional Leaders Podcast

"Your PowerSong offering will be a real gift fo those who take advantage of it and I hope they’ll be zillions.  The process was delightful and I am thoroughly enjoying the finished product."
Rick Carson, Author of Taming Your Gremlin® and A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming®

"The gentleness, 'to-the-point-ness', the tuning and guiding, melodizing and honoring was beautiful. With heartfelt gratitude,"
Mary S., Executive and Board Development Specialist

How it works:

All sessions are about one-hour ONLINE on ZOOM or PHONE. Your choice.

Email me directly to set up your PowerSong Session.

I'll get in touch to give you a few things to ponder to prepare for your session.

Watch Lowry create a PowerSong LIVE on the Unconventional Leaders Podcast

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PowerSong Session 2020
Regular Price   ........  $297.00   
Launch Special Now just $197 for a limited time.
Here's what it includes:

1. Get CLEAR. First we talk a bit. I'll guide you – gently– to help you envision what you want to manifest in your life. Totally CONFIDENTIAL.

2. Find the Words – I listen. So we use YOUR words. So you OWN this.

3. Add a MELODY. Rhythm. So it taps your foot and touches your heart. LIFTS you up. Makes it a whole body experience.

4. Record it. One it's done and you LOVE it, I'll sing and record it for you. So you can learn it and listen anytime.

5. Private Link: I'll create a special private link where you can print the lyrics and download and access your PowerSong with the Lyric and the Recording anytime.

Ready4Radio Professional Studio Recording
Once you LOVE it, make it sound like a HIT.        ....$500 –  $2500

Lowry and his team of studio pros can create a studio recording, extending the length of your PowerSong and adding
production to make it sound like a HIT. In whatever genre you find most inspiring.
Ask Lowry for details.

What's it like to Write a PowerSong with Lowry?A few testimonials:

Regular Price   ........  $297.00   
Launch Special Now just $197

Email Lowry directly:

What audiences are saying about Lowry's Keynote ...

Lowry Olafson brings something to the stage that a rare few presenters can. He has truly spent his life living the message he delivers – with songs, stories and a flair that is uniquely his own.


Rick Petry | Attorney, Minneapolis, MN


Lowry is all about living your truth. His stories, songs and incredible voice will bring you along through his personal journey of overcoming obstacles. You will be inspired to live your life at your personal best.


Ellen Latham | Founder, Orange Theory Fitness


“Deliver he did… It was the perfect ending. Our members went back to their business with an Ignited spirit."


Dianne Mueller | Founder and Chair, IPBC Institue of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

You will not find a more inspiring, provoking and fun keynote. I laughed, I cried, and I was jazzed to keep aiming for higher goals. Lowry motivates you to embrace your talents and shoot for the stars.


Monica Tarr | Bennett Bay Consulting, Coeur d'Alene, ID


Sharing his journey from hopeful dreamer to powerful teacher is an example to us all... left me feeling hopeful and inspired to be more of who I think I am and who I think I can be.


Tony Maree Torrey | Los Angeles, CA

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