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Lowry’s live appearances weave songs and stories into a welcoming and intimate experience that feels like a cozy evening in his living room. 

The songs cover a wide territory from heartful to hilarious. Accompanied by his mesmerizing fingerstyle guitar playing and violin instrumentals Lowry’s songs invite listeners of all ages to connect to the stories of their own lives, and will leave them humming the melodies all the way home.

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House Concerts

House Concerts are fun, and they take a common social gathering to a whole new level. Since most people have never been to a private concert in someone’s home, your guests feel they are part of something special.

Many hosts find that House Concerts are a tangible way in which they can support the arts in their community. Your guests don't have to dress formally or make large contributions. They simply get to enjoy the artistry of a new talent in the gracious setting of your home.

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A concert with Lowry Olafson is a wonderful way for your organization to take centre stage in your community. The are a powerful vehicle to focus attention on your work in a way that will garner financial support for your cause.

Benefit concerts create avenues for exposure on radio, TV and print media that would not otherwise be available to most marketing initiatives. The concert itself brings people together to support and focus on your goals, and gives you the opportunity to connect directly with your "audience."

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Family Concerts & Kids Shows

Lowry Olafson's Family Concerts
Lowry has written over 400 songs with school students across western Canada, and performed for 75,000 more as part of his popular songwriting program From the Page to the Stage in One Day! 
His CD for schoolkids My Dog Ate My Homework HIT #5 on the Galaxie Kidstuff Channel.

A Concert for the Whole Family
Lowry's Family Concert's are entertaining and engaging for a mixed audience of all ages. They feature a range of favourites from his kids album, and warm and engaging songs of family and heart. Everybody loves Lowry's wild violin -  recorded and looped until things are really out of control. You've never heard Pachelbel's Canon in D quite like this!

"My 7 year old son attended your performance. He loved it!! He can't stop talking about it... this was the perfect opportunity for him to see what music can be. Thank you so much for inspiring my son!"
Laura Hender
Mackenzie, BC

"Lowry is more than an act. He’s an experience!"
Michael Bourcet, Principal, Charlie Lake School
Fort St. John, BC

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Lowry Live

Join Lowry live for songs and conversation. Share your comments, insights and questions.

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