A Songwriting Workshop, Recording Session and School Concert

A hands-on experience to unleash creativity, and build self esteem as students work together to create a song the whole school can call their own.

This unique, interactive program has enabled over 10,000 students across western Canada to write some 400 songs, and Lowry's afternoon concert has inspired and entertained 80,000 more.

  • Students need no musical background to participate, and
  • Students may be selected from one class or a cross-section of grades.
  • The school retains the rights to use the song on it’s website, as a fundraiser or however it wishes.
  • The entire day is a fun-filled, engaging learning experience.


The Songwriting Workshop:

  • An educational and engaging three-hour morning Songwriting Workshop for up to 35 students from grade 1 -12.

The Recording Session:

  • Once the song is finished, the class rehearses the song and records it onto a CD.
  • The CD remains with the school and is added to Lowry’s website at: www.songsbykids.ca, where it is available for free download.

50 Minute Afternoon Concert for the whole school (K-12)

  • The Songwriting Class performs their new song for the whole school. Parents welcome!
  • Lowry performs an array of entertaining and topical songs, gives a student a violin lesson and plays Pachelbel’s Canon, built layer by layer on violin, as the audience watches.
  • Grande Finale: with the lyrics on the overhead projector, the songwriters teach their new song to the whole school.

Click to hear sample of some of our favourites ...
Fruitvale: I Wish for You
Ft. St. John: People Like That
Bamfield: Falling Feather
Prince George: Friends Are Like Noodles
Langdale: True Colours
Sechelt: Any Kind of Pie
Dawson Creek: Friends Come From the Heart
Shaunavon: 21 Ways to Bug Your Teacher
Rossland: This School is Cool
Dawson Creek: There's No Colour to Friendship

See Lowry and the KIds in action! An intriguing, heartwarming and hilarious glimpse of this one-of-a-kind program.

Watch this Shaw Cable video of the kids at Rock City Elementary in Nanaimo.

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"It was an amazing day. It would be wondrous, if all children could experience such an opportunity".

Michael Bourcet, Principal
Charlie Lake Elementary
Fort St. John, BC

"Beyond excellent... best bang for the buck ever!”

Anne Smith, Principal
Shady Valley Elementary
Prince George, BC

"My 7 year old son attended your performance. He loved it!! He can't stop talking about it... this was the perfect opportunity for him to see what music can be. Thank you so much for inspiring my son!".

Laura Hender
Mackenzie, BC

Songwriter Student Testimonials

“It was like I was a professional songwriter.”

“You can learn a lot in a short amount of time!”

“I really liked how you taught that songwriting isn’t that hard.”

“I’ll always remember this.”

To Book the Page-to-the-Stage for your School
click here or call: (604) 865-0888

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