My Dog Ate My Homework

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I've just released my first CD for Kids. It's called My Dog Ate My Homework.

All the songs on My Dog Ate My Homework were written in my workshops with schoolkids from across western Canada. Some of the songs are funny, and some are heart songs – some will inspire you, some will get you dancing ...

The workshop and concert for schools is called From the Page to the Stage in One Day! There are about 400 songs now, written with almost 8500 kids from grade 1-12. Hey, maybe I've even been to your school.

It was hard to pick only 18 songs. There are so many I love. I chose these ones because I think they celebrate what kids are all about and what they can be. Also, I've performed a LOT for school- age kids and these are some of their favourites.

But don't take my word for it! You can listen to previews of the songs below, and if you like what you hear, ask your Mom and Dad to order the CD for you, or just to download your favourites.

If you want to hear all 400 songs with the kids singing them in their original versions, or if you're looking for the song your school wrote, click here

While you're here, you can check out some of these pictures from the recording sessions:

Track Listing

Put Your Voice on Paper  ..  
My Dog Ate My Homework  ..
The Lemons Are Coming  ..
It Only Takes One  ..
Kids Forever  ..
The Funky Chicken  ..
Friends Come from the Heart
8 Second Ride
When Somebody Cares
Friends are like Noodles
Any Kind of Pie
People Like That
I Wish for You
I've GOT to Stop Talking
21 Ways to Bug Your Teacher  ..
Falling Feather
Sparkles in my Heart


See the Songwriting Program in action.Show your parents what it was like and take a peek behind the scenes at what Lowry and the kids do!

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Reviews from Parents:

"It's FaBuLoUs!!!! Amazing work with school children. Great CD! We love it."

Margot and Scott Calvert
Coquitlam, BC

I laughed and cried all the way through this. It's really a great CD."

Wendy Crumpler
Creativity coach and Co-author, Cusco: Gateway to Inner Wisdom.

"Our granddaughter will be so excited to get her own autographed copy. I listened to it from start to finish and really enjoyed the mix of songs and the children's voices on some of the songs – well done!"

Janet Ritchey, Burnaby, BC

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