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Home Library Service at the Burnaby Public Libary:   

"There's a Story at my Door"

Getting started                                Photo: Janet Ritchey 


 Listen to the Demo:"There's a Story at my Door"


There’s a Story at my Door
Chorus:            There’s a story at my door,
                        And all I have to do is answer,
                        Let my imagination soar,
                        It’s just what I’ve been waiting for
                        There’s a story at my door.
Packed inside an apple box,
Delivered with a smile,
Another month of new best friends
To cherish for a while.
Arriving in a big white van,
With books for me to read,
People with the time to chat,
Who know just what I need.
Soon I will be curling up
By a window in the sun,
All because our library
Cares enough to come.

© 2011 Burnaby Public Library, Burnaby, BC

Discussing the fine point of the lyric        Photo: Janet Ritchey


Gathered round to record the Demo              Photo: Janet Ritchey 


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