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What's your Message?

What’s your message?

I've had the privilege to interview a number of front-line nurses recently.
In spite of the unrelenting demands of the job
Many of them are thriving
So I always ask them this

“If you had one piece of advice to share with the world 
What would it be?”

The responses are as remarkable as they are
Like this one from a 40 year career emergency nurse...

“Know that small, simple acts of caring
Have a huge impact.”

"Making a difference rarely requires heroic measures.
The hospital environment is overwhelming for a lot of people.
If you see someone in the hall who looks a little lost
You have a choice."

"You can walk past them, head down, absorbed in your own world
Or you can give them – and yourself a break.
'You look lost. Can I help you find something?'"

“Often, a simple, small gesture like that 
Can have a major impact 
On how that person is able to navigate the entire experience
On what may be the worst day of their lives." 

"Or not. 
You never know. 
Maybe it's no big deal to them after all.
But the possibility is there 

And the cost to you is zero."

Great message, 'cause of course,
That stranger isn’t the only one who feels better.
You do too.
More connected.
More expansive.
More fully yourself.

And when you remember how easy it is
And how little it requires
It makes you want to do it more often.

Why not make an impact if it only takes a second?
Why not make someone’s day go a whole lot more swimmingly
If it’s easy as pie?

Why not give yourself a little lift
If this is all it takes?

You start looking for opportunities
To be the person who changes things, leads the way.
Changing the world
On the ground
Or in the hallway.


It's a Spiral

It's not a straight line.
It's a spiral.
When we lose our way
Feel like we're back to where we started
We never are.

The landscape may look similar
We may feel like we're getting nowhere
But it's not a straight line.
It's not a circle.
It's a spiral.

With every step we take
We not only move forward
We also move upwards.
Rise to each occasion.

And from new heights,
Armed with new information
And life experience,
We gain new perspective
Where new insights and ideas
From a higher plane
Can land.

And if you take a look around from that height
You might notice
That every step we take
In the direction of our dreams and goals
Is supported by angels
Who believe in us 
And want us to succeed.

Angels like friends and colleagues and family
And even complete strangers
Who will help you spiral upwards
On your journey to the stars.

And spirals never end.
The learning never stops.
The opportunities to reach ever further
To give more 
Keep spiralling upwards.

So spiral on
And have a great week.


PS. My acknowledgement and gratitude to Amy Port who first shared this insight

in a Heroic Public Speaking rehearsal session. It's an idea that's stayed with me.




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