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"A Better Place"
Written and recorded with the Rotary Club of Sechelt

Click to Listen:
Studio Demo: A Better Place

Original Onsite recording: A_Better_Place.mp3

A better place to live
A kinder place to grow
Where each of us can give
And turn the world we know
Into a better place.

In Rotary, we’re working
Building bridges ‘cross the nations,
People helping people with
Clean water, education,
We make a difference with our friends
Each and every day
And make a better place.


On weekends you can find us
Flipping burgers in the park
Cleaning up a highway
Or hammering ‘til dark.
We don’t mind, we’ll find the time
We’ll do what it takes
To make a better place.

© 2010 Rotary Club of Sechelt

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